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Welcome to 4Twenty Consulting, where we're all about making a positive impact in the Technology space. Our mission? Connecting the absolute best Talent out there with our Client Partners in Technology, Sales, and Digital domains.

What we live by

At 4Twenty Consulting, we're all about making a positive impact in the technology space. Our mission? Connecting the absolute best talent in the market with our clients in technology, sales, and digital domains.

Tech Talks Australia - our dedicate Meet Up, brings the Tech Community together, allowing us to keep a pulse on the industry. We get Tech People. Seriously, we speak their language(s) and understand what makes them tick.

We're all about the bigger picture and the long game - building teams and careers for long-term impact. Together with our candidates and clients, we drive Collaboration, Diversity & Passive Talent Pools.

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Our Focus

In 2016, we saw a need for change in the Staffing & Recruitment sector. We knew we could stand out by bringing a different approach, unrivalled service, industry expertise, and a genuine passion for what we do - and it worked.

Fast forward to today, 4Twenty Consulting are proud to be the go-to Talent Consultancy, specialising to help businesses scale their Go-To-Market and Technology Teams. How did we do it? By assembling a dream team of consultants who share our core values and wake up every day ready to make a lasting impact for our clients.

What sets us apart is our Partnership Model. We view every engagement as long-term, taking the time to truly understand your business and what makes you successful. No one-size-fits-all here! We customize your recruitment campaigns to match your unique needs, following our five-step process: Engage, Source, Assess, Deliver, and Support.

Our values

One Team


98% of our clients would recommend 4Twenty Consulting
We offer scale and depth with over 400k candidates in our database
Feel assured with 96% of our Talent passing probation
A majority of our candidates stay longer than 1 year +
Our pool of successfully placed candidates are rapidly growing
We don't compromise on quality and fill jobs 21 days faster than the industry average
21 days
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